photo: katia autier

I’m a communicator, a collaborator, a creative.
My first degree taught me how to sell a clients’ product.
My first job taught me how to think strategically and deliver.
Running my own company taught me about cashflow, people and just how long customers were willing to buy the same big idea.
Moving to London taught me resilience, moving to Hong Kong taught me about geopolitical history and what to get excited about when the dim sum trolley passed by.
My second degree made me think a little deeper. I learned to allow space for the audience to come to their own conclusions.
Materiality fascinates me.
I’m currently at Royal College of Art where I spend my days deep diving into conversations around what it is to make, feel and be human in our increasingly digital age.
I start my day, every day on Wimbledon Common with a walk.
Watching, listening, losing myself to the natural world that surrounds me.
Small yellow leaves juxtaposed against big skies, clay that I find underneath my feet, birds that call and light that shows me where to place my attention.
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